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TRANSIT Data Suite

Optimize transit operations with industry standard open data formats

  • Customized Solutions
  • Efficient Deployment
  • Versatile Integration

The Suite

Inform your customers and improve efficiency with transit data software made especially for transit agencies. The TRANSIT Data Suite caters to the unique requirements of transit agencies, enhancing customer satisfaction and optimizing operations for peak efficiency. With tools to create, manage and utilize industry-standard open data formats such as GTFS and GTFS-realtime, our solutions are swiftly deployable. They can be seamlessly implemented as standalone tools or integrated for a comprehensive and potent toolkit.

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Create, manage and edit General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) data. General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) data allows users to plan their journeys through their preferred apps. This also serves as the foundation for reliable realtime feeds, meeting customers expectations for reliable trip planning. Addressing these needs, Arcadis’s TRANSIT-data-tools offers a robust suite of cloud-based tools that support the creation, maintenance, validation, and deployment of transit data in GTFS format.

Key Features of TRANSIT-data-tools:

  • Map-based GTFS Feed Editing

    Our system offers a user-friendly, map-based interface for creating and modifying GTFS feeds. Users can effortlessly manage multiple versions of data, facilitating quick scenario planning.

  • Automated GTFS Validation

    Conduct comprehensive industry-standard validation checks on GTFS feeds. Our system automatically suggests fixes for any reported errors, ensuring data accuracy. Users can also utilize the map-based editor for adjustments.

  • Timely Updates

    Stay informed with daily checks for new GTFS versions. Receive email notifications upon updated feed availability, reducing the time between production and public release.

  • Seamless Deployment

    Effortlessly validate and deploy multiple GTFS feeds for regional transit systems. With a single click, generate and deploy a regional GTFS feed to OpenTripPlanner.

  • Efficient Data Management

    Receive configurable email and web notifications for various system events. Users can discuss changes and address issues by adding comments to feeds, streamlining collaboration.

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TRANSIT-data-tools is currently used by ten agencies across North America to manage their GTFS data and deployments of OpenTripPlanner:

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The central hub for automated creation, management, and dissemination of service alerts to the public and transit partners. Effective transit relies on informed riders, and agencies strive to offer timely updates on service disruptions. With our web-based TRANSIT-alerts system, agency staff can input, oversee, and publish service alerts seamlessly from a centralized hub. This ensures comprehensive updates for your entire ridership, regardless of their preferred information source. The system automatically generates consistent messaging for all dissemination channels based on user selections, maintaining consistency across platforms.

Key Features of TRANSIT-alerts

Alert Creation

Alert Creation

Our system offers a user-friendly interface with intuitive options for specifying alert types and controlling affected services. Users enjoy flexible timing, easy template creation, auto-generated texts tailored for each method, configurable text shortening for SMS or Tweets, and dynamic updates for time-sensitive information.

Alert Management

Alert Management

Our system seamlessly handles alert transitions, offers efficient organization with tags and stars, and robust search capabilities. Users can easily edit, close, or duplicate alerts individually or in bulk, and flexible permission levels enhance collaboration. Additionally, a downloadable alert history provides valuable insights and an audit trail.

Alert Automation

Alert Automation

Our system streamlines operations by automatically generating and closing alerts for multiple types of outages including trip cancellations and elevator and escalator outages when connected with your existing systems. Leveraging an integrated status feed, the system promptly notifies relevant parties of disruptions and resolutions, ensuring smooth and efficient management of transit and facility operations.

Alert Dissemination

Alert Dissemination

Our system provides various outputs, including GTFS-realtime feeds, APIs, Tweets, ensuring broad accessibility. Third-party apps can seamlessly access alert data via the GTFS-realtime feed, while updates accurately reflect changes like detour-impacted stops. Customers receive timely email or SMS alerts through integration with an agency’s GovDelivery system or other email/SMS subscription system.

Featured Clients of TRANSIT-alerts

TRANSIT-alerts is used every day by transit agencies across North America. Clients include:

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Centrally aggregate, manage, control, and disseminates real-time transit data, including service alerts, vehicle locations, and arrival predictions for agencies or regions. TRANSIT-realtime empowers agencies to generate a comprehensive array of General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS)-realtime feeds that remain consistent and current, even amidst service disruptions.

Key Features of TRANSIT-realtime

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Consolidate Feeds

Our system amalgamates one or more GTFS-realtime feeds from agency systems, like CAD/AVL or train tracking. These feeds are merged into a unified feed for vehicle positions and trip updates, catering to agencies operating multimodal networks or multiple agencies within a region.

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Expand Customer Reach

TRANSIT-realtime seamlessly integrates with GTFS-formatted schedule information, automatically labeling all real-time data, including trip updates, vehicle positions, and service alerts, with GTFS identifiers. This integration allows agency users and third-party developers to access GTFS-realtime feeds and APIs, extending real-time data reach to a broader customer base.

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Alert Integration

When deployed alongside TRANSIT-alerts, TRANSIT-realtime ensures that all GTFS-realtime feeds contain consistent GTFS identifiers for trips, stops, and routes. This integration delivers consistent messaging to customers, as certain alert types generated in TRANSIT-alerts prompt corrected GTFS-realtime feeds from TRANSIT-realtime.

Featured Clients of TRANSIT-realtime

TRANSIT-realtime provides data to agency customers every day at well known transit agencies including:

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