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The challenge

The District of Colombia and its municipalities were facing several challenges in accurately assessing the overall asset management operation and prioritizing future projects based on available budget.

Based on this, they were looking for a solution that would help create an accurate inventory of the number and condition of all District-owned assets, repair costs and future capital needed to support the city’s continued growth.

The solution

Enterprise Decision Analytics (EDA) was used as an asset investment planning solution, helping DC Gov prioritize and optimize their decision making in relation to their asset network, infrastructure (roads and bridges), vehicles, buildings, and schools.  

With EDA, the US district will be able to better understand the health and reliability of its assets, use predictive capabilities to prevent failures, reduce maintenance backlogs, and use this information to boost their business strategy to ensure KPIs are met. With an asset portfolio worth over $14 billion, being able to plan ahead as much as possible will be a key factor.

The impact

As a result of utilizing our technology DC Gov saw vast improvements in their asset data management, as well as their investment planning processes. In real terms, the district now has one of the highest bond ratings - state or local governments - in the country, meaning it can now borrow and ask for money at lower interest rates.

They were also able to perform a complete asset inventory analysis, which highlighted their assets’ current condition and an update on their multi-billion dollar portfolio.

Used capabilities

Digital Environmental Health Safety and Sustainability

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