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The challenge

The province of Noord-Holland has switched to performance-based Traffic Management as a Service (TMaaS) across its network of provincial roads. This traffic management contract will help the province meet their objectives of providing safe, clean, and smart roads. TMaas has previously not been tendered in the Netherlands on this scale, making the province of Noord-Holland a forerunner in this area.

The solution

After a successful trial period, the "old" provincial traffic control center was phased out and closed. The transition took place in 2023. For the next ten years, the province's traffic management will be the responsibility of ATEam, a collaboration of Arcadis, Trigion and Equans. The contract was tendered within the national professional services framework agreement 'iDiensten' by the province of Noord-Holland, also on behalf of the provinces of Utrecht, Flevoland, Zeeland and Overijssel and the municipalities of Almere, Zwolle, Leiden, Dordrecht, and Deventer and in cooperation with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and knowledge platform CROW (Centrum voor Regelgeving en Onderzoek).

Traffic management consists of monitoring provincial roads with cameras and the accurate vehicle data of more than 2.5 million daily Flitsmeister app users. Where bottlenecks occur, data and algorithms allow rapid intervention with the monitoring of traffic lights, road information signs or through "in-car" information. The work is carried out from Trigion's Monitoring and Response Center in Schiedam. The further development of systems, applications, processes, and performance as well as annual innovation at the suggestion of the province and the ATEam itself are part of the periodic fixed remuneration.

ATEam and the province use a structural 'Plan, Do, Check, Act Cycle' to give permanent insight into the performance of TMaaS, the status of the province's own objects and to keep improving together on a structural basis.

The impact

The province of Noord-Holland has realized a more performance-based contribution for traffic management by utilizing TMaaS, at lower monthly costs. The province's employees now focus on the two core tasks: policy implementation and direction. They no longer manage and develop the increasingly complex tools and applications themselves which has meant an increased focus on their core tasks.

Centralizing traffic management with commercial service providers answers to the increasing shortage of expertise on the labor market. Parties such as Arcadis have built up a great deal of knowledge in this area in recent years. This knowledge is applied widely across the market, and within the contract agreements there is enough room to keep innovating.

The province retains ownership of assets such as (intelligent) traffic lights, DRIPs, cameras, and loops. However, the data communication connections to these objects are part of the iServices TMaaS framework agreement. The province is investigating whether public ownership will remain necessary in the future. ATEam will manage all traffic management for the province of Noord-Holland for the next 10 years. ATEam is working together with partners Be-Mobile, Enai and Griffid. The ten-year contract is the most comprehensive and integral service in this field in the Dutch market to date.

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