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civil engineering works

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The Challenge

The Agency for Roads and Traffic in Flanders (Belgium) manages around 7,000 kilometers of regional and motorways and over 7,700 kilometers of cycle paths. Every day, it works to improve mobility, collaborating with various partners. It’s responsible for the design, construction, and improvement of roads and bridges, the implementation of mobility policies, and traffic organization. In order to ensure the safety and lifespan of all civil engineering works and infrastructures, these are regularly inspected. 

The Solution

Arcadis was appointed by the agency as a consulting firm for a period of two years to inspect the bridges and viaducts under its management. The assignment includes bridge inspections using iASSET, an asset management tool chosen by the Flemish Government. Additionally, we support the development of maintenance measures for the repair of these works of art. 

Arcadis has been involved in the realization, maintenance, and management of various works of art, including bridges, for decades. For this project, we are joining forces with our colleagues from Arcadis Netherlands. 

The Impact

Asset management for infrastructure is crucial to ensure safety and to invest where needed. By assisting the Flemish agency in identifying potential issues, it can prioritize maintenance of infrastructural works of art and take appropriate measures, thus ensuring the safety and lifespan of the infrastructure. 


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