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The challenge

This whole project was a huge feat, covering an area of nearly 1 million square meters, with the construction plant alone spanning an area of 400,000 square meters. As the world's most advanced automotive production line, it adopted German automatic technology, implemented the whole-process artificial intelligence control and robot operation, plus diverse innovative and high-level technology methods which increased the complexity and difficulty for the project management’s task of ensuring the performance of the process.

The solution

With a strategic and integrated tendering cost management approach, Arcadis successfully reduced the total direct construction cost from $420 million to $320 million, saving 24% without changing any scope of work or reducing standards. We are pleased to say that none of the 22 major contract packages went over budget, and more importantly, the cost estimate is 95% accurate compared to the final contract price. Despite all the difficulties and unforeseen circumstances, Arcadis achieved every program timing milestone, and the main 130,000 square meters production plant was completed within 12 months, which is the best record for a similar BMW plant. Meanwhile, Arcadis implemented the strictest safety standard aimed to achieve a zero major safety accidents goal, and as a result we also achieved a record of 10 million safety working hours.

The impact

Ultimately, BMW Dadong factory is an influential and high-profile project, and is an example of the in-depth collaboration between “Germany Industry 4.0" and "China Manufacturing 2025". This project meant BMW moved the world's latest production technology and advanced production line to China without any reservation. The successful operation, as the largest tax-paying enterprise in Liaoning province, will drive the upstream and downstream industries together, thereby promoting local employment.

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