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inSIGHT AM is a specialized asset maintenance management platform designed for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) programs, streamlining asset maintenance and inventory management. It enables users to oversee asset lifecycles and manage scheduled and unscheduled maintenance tasks efficiently. With intuitive features for creating work orders and invoices, including cost items and labor rates, and advanced planning tools for forecasting future costs, inSIGHT AM optimizes maintenance operations for ITS programs.

Key features

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Comprehensive Asset Lifecycle Management

Tools for managing assets throughout their lifecycle, including purchase, maintenance, and retirement, alongside tracking warranty expiration and financial information.

Maintenance man working on a traffic light

Streamlined Work Orders and Invoices

Mature workflow capabilities for creating, approving, and invoicing work orders, complemented by comprehensive reporting tools for financial record-keeping, ensuring efficient management of maintenance tasks and costs.

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Streamlined Mobile Integration

Integration with a mobile application for field operations, enabling real-time updates of asset locations via GPS, simplified inventory tracking, and efficient management of maintenance activities from any location, enhancing operational agility and responsiveness.



Proactive Maintenance Transition

Shift from reactive to proactive maintenance strategies, minimizing downtime and improving asset reliability.


Resource Utilization Optimization

Maximize resource efficiency by managing labor, vehicles, and equipment effectively, reducing overtime and improving productivity.


Predictive Maintenance Planning

Forecast maintenance costs and asset lifecycles, leading to informed decision-making and optimized budget allocation.

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