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Architectural Design

From bridges to stations and tunnels to offices, our designs bring together beauty and performance, shaping the world around us for future generations.

Architektonische Gestaltung

The built environment defines the world we live in.  We believe that the very best architecture marries physical beauty with high performance to both shape the world around us and improve the quality of life. Our people ensure everything we design leaves a legacy for future generations.

Drawing together the needs of form and function with the latest technological and environmental advancements, our designers and technical specialists work together with our clients to deliver solutions that enable our way of life and that are built to last. 

This capability includes the following disciplines:
- Building design
- Bridge design
- Tunnel design
- Reservoirs & dams facility design
- Station design

Find out more about our architectural based design consultancy CallisonRTKL by downloading our factsheet.

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Darryl Custer

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May Wei

Vice President, CallisonRTKL South China +86 21 6157 2800 Ask me a question

Yen Liu

Vice President, Callison RTKL North China +86 10 5775 6800 Ask me a question
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