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The challenge

For its new flagship store on the Upper East Side, Tempur-Pedic envisioned an individual experience around sleep that meets the needs of the savvy New Yorker. 

To build that relationship, Tempur-Pedic offered something truly unique in the middle of one of the world’s busiest cities: peace and quiet. The store offers a casual, urban retreat with innovative features like immersive bed “pods,” digital landscapes and a showroom that doubles as a lounge to create an escape worthy of its location.   

To make their vision a reality, Tempur-Pedic selected Arcadis (formerly CallisonRTKL) to deliver an experience-driven design and customer journey that elevates the mattress-testing experience.  

The solution

Working with Arcadis, Tempur-Pedic incorporated design themes around escapism, sustainability, nature and multi-sensory experiences. Visitors are engaged the moment they enter the store. A backlit wall of plush pillows and messaging about the restorative power of sleep are among the first things they see. 

Built inside a former bank with 20-foot ceilings, the Arcadis team designed semi-private bed pods for customers to test Tempur-Pedic’s mattresses and bedding. The pods are an experiential highlight for the shopper, offering a quiet respite from the city, personalized lighting and sound controls, and ceilings lowered to a cozy height.  

Arcadis employed hi-def video screens that integrate soothing live and three-dimensional virtual landscapes. The scenery moves as the shopper does, creating an immersive digital experience that doesn’t overwhelm the senses. Content is refreshed every season to inspire return trips to the store. 

A comfortable lounge in the back of the showroom provides a place to relax. It’s here, among product displays and sales tools, that shoppers work with designers to plan their Tempur-Pedic project. From bed pods to the store’s creative studio, there are multiple opportunities to explore and connect. 

To convey a feeling of comfort and balance throughout the store, Arcadis blended natural, ambient and digital light. Materials chosen for their naturally sustainable qualities were curated in part from the local community and create an affinity with other home furnishing stores in the area. 

The impact

Tempur-Pedic’s concept store offers visitors an escape in the middle of one of the world’s busiest cities and makes a unique statement in the heart of the design district. The brand’s dedication to improving sleep is amplified during every step of the customer journey.      

The retailer delivers a memorable experience, offering busy shoppers the opportunity to test Tempur-Pedic’s products in a semi-private environment that feels like home. Visitors connect with the brand, brand experts, and each other, making space for them to return again and again. 

The winner of multiple awards for design and innovation, the Tempur-Pedic flagship store has become the number one selling retail location for the brand in the United States.  

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