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The challenge

A new identity for a prestigious historic building

It is the Central European city par excellence, which has always been a hub of different cultures. It was named European City of Science in 2020. In one of his poems, Umberto Saba, who was born there, defined it as a "town that is in every part alive." We are, of course, talking about Trieste. We were asked to give a new lease of life to one of the most prestigious buildings in the city's historical center, with a view to converting the building into a hotel while protecting the splendor of one of Italy's most beautiful and charming squares.

The solution

Careful coordination of time and architectural constraints

For us, this work was particularly delicate. We were responsible for setting objectives for the renovation and conversion into a hotel by highlighting the pros and cons in terms of time, cost and quality. What could we do to ensure that construction work in the heart of the city's historic center was as minimally invasive as possible? How could we contribute in order to give these spaces back to the community and its citizens? We decided to work using "micro construction sites" in order to minimize disruption, which therefore meant partially completing certain areas within set time frames. Since one of the most delicate aspects of the construction work entailed respecting architectural constraints, coordinating the various parties involved in planning the work and verifying that all project phases were completed naturally played a fundamental role. As agreed with the client, we therefore evaluated design choices—using them as a basis to estimate the related implementation costs—and alternative solutions aimed at optimizing the total cost of the work.

The impact

Development opportunities and value for the city's economy

Undertaking a project to convert a historic building, taking into account the value it represents for the community and the need to combine spaces with the practical aspect of hotel management, was a delicate and ambitious commitment, but one that certainly represented the chance for further, new development for the city of Trieste, a city that is already so beautiful thanks to its distinguishing refinement and elegance. What better outcome for those who, like us, are aiming to change people's lives for the better?

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