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The Challenge

Mouscron is situated in a strategically interesting place in Belgium. Not only is it at the crossroads of the provinces of West Flanders and Hainaut, but at the crossroads between Belgium and France. Yet the city has limited appeal and accessibility for residents, visitors and businesses. The station area, as one of the main gates to the city, is therefore being redeveloped with a safer and more functional layout for cyclists, pedestrians and school children.  

The Solution

The new master plan for Mouscron includes more green space, areas for pedestrians and cyclists and welcoming terraces in the station square. The tunnel under the tracks is being extended and a new pedestrian bridge will connect one side of the station to the other. This means that pedestrians no longer have to walk all the way around. Cyclists and people with reduced mobility can use an elevator next to the bridge.

The TEC bus station is also being renovated and expanded. Pedestrians, cars and buses will no longer cross paths making the new bus station much safer. Trees and benches in the Place Alphonse et Antoine Motte will make this a far more pleasant and welcoming area for travelers to wait. Special attention is also being paid to the public lighting that will mark the routes and safe crossing points.

Arcadis, together with architects Dessin et Construction, was appointed to manage the redevelopment of the area around the station. We are assisting various Wallonian government agencies, including SPW Mobilité-Route, SRWT and the City of Mouscron, with the preliminary design, urban permit application, tender dossier and implementation.

The Impact

The redevelopment focuses on vulnerable road users and green spaces. This project is not only making the area more sustainable, attractive and appealing, but also safer and more functional, so that everyone feels welcome when they arrive in the city. 


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