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The Challenge

The Driebergen-Zeist station area is close to the A12 highway, the track and the regional bus network, meaning that the area is not only busy with traffic, but also an important public transport hub. However, the poor infrastructure in the area was causing structural congestion, long tailbacks at the intersection and dangerous situations on and around the track. The issues have been a source of frustration for many travelers, motorists and surrounding companies for years.

The Solution

Completely renovating the station area eliminates these blackspots and transforms the station and surroundings into a compact, safe and sustainable traffic and public transport hub. The station has acquired an additional track and a wide, centrally located platform, while the new bus station makes the surrounding municipalities more accessible. On the south side, a spacious parking garage can accommodate around six hundred cars. The station area also blends seamlessly into its green surroundings of ancient trees and historic buildings. The area was designed for maximum sustainability; materials from the old station were reused during construction and solar panels were installed on the platform roofs.


    Working alongside its client ProRail, Arcadis supervised the implementation of the Driebergen-Zeist station project, prioritizing limiting disruption for residents and travelers. We were also involved in the preliminary work, including the initiative and planning phase, the zoning planning process and the Council of State procedure. We created the reference design, image quality plan and the design for the temporary station, plus we handled communication and coordination with residents, businesses and surrounding properties. We also assessed the safety records of the contractors and drew up the comprehensive safety file to obtain a license to operate from the Dutch Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate. Finally, we were responsible for drawing up various agreements and contracts, as well as the associated tendering and implementation processes. We continue to provide post-project assistance. 

The Impact

Everyone benefits from the new station area, which can easily handle 12,500 passengers a day. Public transport users and drivers can enjoy traveling via Driebergen-Zeist, while surrounding businesses are more accessible. The interior design of the station landscape, which incorporates English countryside design elements, makes the whole area look and feel pleasant and safe. The new station area not only makes Driebergen-Zeist more accessible, but also more sustainable, more energy efficient and even more attractive than previously.

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