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40 minutes

reduced from travel time between city and airport 

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The challenge

The province of Cebu has grown into one of the Philippines' thriving economies. Yet while the Cebu metropolitan area continues to flourish and transform into a hub for property development, its old infrastructure could not keep up with the growth. 

With a strained urban transport system, those who live and work in the area are experiencing longer commute times due to traffic congestion. Clogged roads and heavy traffic cause millions in economic losses daily and affect the quality of life of those in the community as they struggle to get around the city. 

The solution

To address the growing traffic congestion in and around the city, Cebu Cordova Link Expressway Corporation proposed the construction of a third bridge. The project, Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEX), is an 8.5-kilometer bridge that will connect the island of Mactan in the municipality of Cordova to mainland Cebu. With a daily capacity of 50,000 vehicles, it will serve as an alternate route to and from the Mactan Cebu International Airport and reduce the travel time by approximately 40 minutes.

As with any iconic infrastructure project, building CCLEX comes with significant risks and challenges. This is why the client relies on a team of consultants to ensure project success. As Lenders’ Technical Advisor for the project, Arcadis conducts due diligence reporting and certification of accomplishment and costs. These steps help confirm that all activities critical to successful delivery are on track. Through regular monitoring of the progress on-site, detailed reviews of documentation, and meetings with relevant stakeholders, we help assure the client that this landmark project for the Cebuanos will come to fruition.

The impact

The construction of the third bridge will benefit thousands of people by providing the necessary infrastructure to absorb the expected increase in the volume of traffic in Cebu. Once operational, it will also connect neighborhoods, people and businesses to more opportunities by generating jobs in Cordova, enhancing economic investments and improving productivity on the island.

But apart from these advantages, this iconic gateway will also allow motorists to spend less time on the road. It means that at home, mornings can be less rushed, and evenings can be less hectic, leaving more time for what matters most: families, friends, loved ones, and meaningful projects and causes that each person values.

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