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Rapid investment growth in advanced manufacturing together with the enduring effects of high inflation, pose challenges for today’s global construction sector. Our International Construction Costs 2024 report offers valuable insights into how industry clients, investors and stakeholders together with their teams can navigate resource-tight markets and ensure projects get off the ground.

Along with our index of 100 cities exploring factors impacting construction inflation trends and costs, we’ve added an additional ranking — The technology construction cost index is called the highly serviced building cost index, tailor-made for clients working on complex, densely serviced projects like datacenters and gigafactories.

Report Highlights

City rankings: Discover where your city stands in the global construction cost hierarchy. Leverage this data to make informed decisions and optimize your project budgets.

Trends and analysis: Uncover the latest trends shaping construction costs globally. Our in-depth analysis provides a roadmap for adapting to industry shifts, ensuring your project stays cost-effective.

Strategic insights: Gain a competitive edge with strategic insights tailored for your industry. Whether you’re a developer, investor or project manager, our report equips you with knowledge to thrive.

Thrive in resource-constrained markets

Gain insights from the International Construction Costs 2024 Report

  • Annual cost index of 100 cities
  • Arcadis' expert analysis on global construction market trends
  • In-depth country analysis
  • Our step-by-step guide to assuring the delivery of fast, complex programs
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Join our deep dive webinar for expert insights, market trends and strategic guidance on boosting delivery performance on complex programs.

Unlock success in complex programs

Optimize Your Program Delivery Today

  • Gain insights to overcome market challenges
  • Enhance stakeholder management strategies
  • Expand global supply chain capabilities
  • Mitigate risks with data-driven decision-making
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