• May 6, 2020
  • Amsterdam RAI Convention Centre, Europaplein 24, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Annual General Meeting

When: May 6, 2020
Where: Amsterdam RAI Convention Centre, Europaplein 24, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The annual General Meeting of Arcadis N.V. will be held on Wednesday, 6 May 2020 at 2pm CET in the RAI Convention Centre at Europaplein 24 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Important information 

26 March 2020 - update
Arcadis has decided to withdraw the 2019 dividend proposal from the agenda of the annual General Meeting to be held on Wednesday 6 May 2020. Click here for the related press release.

20 March 2020 – message related to COVID-19 pandemic
In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, Arcadis N.V. will hold its annual General Meeting on Wednesday 6 May 2020 in hybrid form, facilitating both in-person and online attendance. Considering the extraordinary circumstances, Arcadis would like to strongly encourage shareholders and their representatives to limit in-person attendance of the General Meeting as much as possible and, in case of any health complaints, to not attend in person. This limitation of physical attendance is part of a set of precautionary measures the Company is taking to limit health risks.

The Company will provide the opportunity to follow the meeting online through a webcast. If you are a shareholder and decide to not attend the meeting in person, you are able to exercise your voting right either through a proxy (same as every year), or remotely during the meeting (new). You are kindly referred to www.abnamro.com/evoting for more details on how to exercise your voting right.

We invite shareholders to submit any questions regarding the agenda items in writing prior to the meeting. Please submit your question(s) to ir@arcadis.com ultimately 5pm CET on Tuesday 5 May 2020. We cannot guarantee that questions received after this date & time will be addressed during the shareholder meeting.

In order to further mitigate potential health risks the Company is canceling social gatherings surrounding the meeting. This includes that no post-meeting reception will be offered. Those members of the Supervisory and Executive Boards that will attend the meeting, and any other Arcadis representatives present, will not be available for social interaction prior to or after the shareholder meeting.

Arcadis will continue to closely monitor the situation and may be taking additional measures. You are advised to regularly check our website for any further updates.

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