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Woven Smart Arcadis Solutions is a single-solution provider of broadband services, delivering support at every stage of the broadband development life cycle. Woven utilizes a powerful combination of demand aggregation tools, open access networking, and automated service provisioning to seamlessly integrate fiber and network asset management solutions, forming the foundation for all network development, operation, and maintenance.

A central service offering for all your broadband needs

We offer a single solution for broadband services that includes planning, implementing, and operating solutions that help create connected communities and assist with maintaining and managing significant broadband investments.

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Demand aggregation, competitive analysis, and community engagement

We engage with communities in person and virtually to understand how to improve broadband services and create custom broadband service plans.

Our aggregation tool enables you to accelerate demand for better broadband, pre-sell internet connections, build your broadband network and provide market intelligence. The tool’s capabilities provide insight into the network’s future revenue potential and improve network awareness.

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Fiber and network asset management

With Woven, communities can manage their network and maintain the success of their fiber infrastructure. Our dedicated experts can support you with fiber asset management, GIS visualization, capacity planning, and field work order and fault management services.

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Open access network provisioning and management

Scalable open access networks allow communities to own their fiber infrastructure and lease it, offering customers the freedom to build a bundle of services that suits them best. This model is intended to create lower prices and higher quality services by driving service provider variety.

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Read our interactive brochure to learn about how we can help assess, build, operate and manage a central broadband network and operating system.

Strengthening broadband accessibility in rural communities

Woven: Broadband Infrastructure in Urban Markets


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Creating seamless broadband infrastructure and open access networks in urban markets

Woven: Broadband Infrastructure in Urban Markets


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Creating long-term, sustainability benefits



The shift from traditional copper wire to fiber-optic cable has resulted in reduced energy consumption in data centers as it improves energy efficiency and requires less power to transmit data over longer distances. Additionally, fiber–optic cables have a longer lifespan than copper, requiring less frequent cable replacement and offering efficient scalability as it accommodates increases in demand through less material use.


Reliable and high-performing broadband has become a necessity. Woven enables community access to social support and education, increases digital inclusion and quality of life, and weaves community needs into the digital economy. It helps develop and implement achievable broadband operations solutions that increase opportunities for economic growth, closing the digital divide by providing digital equity to all individuals, communities, and societies.


Woven’s broadband technology is an essential component of smart grid technology by enabling the development of adaptive and resilient communities. Access to high-speed internet generates job growth and improves business security, resulting in smart, livable urban and rural environments.


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