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Our people are central to our vision of improving quality of life. With the rise in global data, software and platforms, we are building a strong community of digitally savvy individuals, with multiple initiatives that will enable them to continuously upskill and support greater efficiencies and ongoing innovation across all our client projects.

Our digital initiatives are centered around providing our people with opportunities to access digital and sustainability knowledge, to test creative ideas, and develop the tools and skills needed to thrive in our digital future.

Empowering our people to be digital leaders

As a global business, we deal with significant data arising from many projects across multiple disciplines and featuring multiple (software) technologies. We use this data and software to connect information that has been drawn from representations of the physical and functional characteristics of the built environment, encompassing consultancy, planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance. Our people are at the center of what makes our client experience unique and by empowering them through data and digital training, we enable our work to thrive and help our clients reach their goals.

Expedition DNA

Expedition DNA

This unique initiative brings together Arcadians from all over the world to work on complex challenges, connect with like-minded colleagues, and learn how to effectively engage with technology to create and deploy tools to solve their project’s challenges and improve quality of life for our clients and our communities.

Citizen Development

By empowering our people through technology, we deliver high value solutions and services to our clients. Initiatives like the 'Low Code Orange' hackathon bring together Arcadians from across our organization to work collaboratively in small dynamic and agile teams, rapidly prototyping digital solutions and approaches to tackle major client challenges through the development of innovative solutions.

Arcadis Digital Leadership Program

In today’s world, technology is advancing at an incredibly fast rate, and we need to be equipped to manage the change. At Arcadis, we are enabling digital transformation across our business through a dedicated Digital Leadership Program to create a ‘digital-first’ mindset that will increase potential discovery of innovative digital approaches whilst fostering growth for our people to become digital leaders in their field. The programme is co-created with an accredited business school and consists of a series of lectures, workshops and courses that take our people on a journey of defining what ‘digital’ means for Arcadis and their respective field. As a digital front-runner and innovator, we are investing in our leaders’ knowledge and skills in operating a digital business in a disruptive market. This enables us to:

  • Drive the business changes necessary for us to navigate the digital environment
  • Make informed decisions about digital investment and disruption
  • Guide employee development and capability building that will enable our digital transformation
  • Create innovative sustainable solutions aimed at improving quality of life.

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