International Construction Costs 2020 Rethinking Resilience

This year’s report explores twin challenges facing the global construction industry: the COVID-19 pandemic and the pressing need for climate action.

International Construction Costs 2020

Rethinking Resilience

Once again, this year’s ICC Index shows the relative costs of construction for 100 of the world’s cities. The report also features in depth analysis of the construction markets in 19 countries, including 5 Australian capital cities, as well as myriad examples of prominent construction projects that Arcadis has helped deliver around the world.

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Where Australian cities rank in world’s top 100?

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide are all included in the International Construction Cost report for 2020. The report compares the cost of construction on a regional level and provides insights into how COVID-19 will effect these markets. Click the hotspots to see where they rank, and download the report for to see a full construction cost profile on each city.


Ranked: 56th

Construction activity in Adelaide was relatively steady across 2019.


Ranked: 38th

Brisbane is the second most expensive city in Australia for construction costs (albeit only marginally).



Ranked: 41st

Melbourne is the third most expensive city for construction costs.



Ranked: 50th

Perth has shown promising sign at the start of the year but continued to decline in the end.


Ranked: 30th

Sydney has climbed four places and is the most expensive of the five Australian cities that have been included this year.

International Construction Costs 2020

Rethinking Resilience

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