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  • July 9, 2018

Arcadis is one of the first companies to pioneer drones in the construction sector in Singapore

(July 9, 2018) – Arcadis, the leading global Design & Consultancy for natural and built assets, is launching its latest drone deployment services in construction. Arcadis is one of the first companies in Singapore and Southeast Asia to invest in industrial-grade drones in the construction sector, leading the way in the commercial use of drones.

Drones can help to address a wide range of challenges that clients typically face on large-scale construction projects. Key benefits delivered on real-life projects include:

  • Improved accuracy and quality of design work: The high-quality data collected by the drones are real-time and compatible with a vast range of applications and software for 3D model development, which allows efficient tracking of site progress and early identification of potential problems.
  • Significant cost savings: Drones can be used at high-risk locations, eradicating the need for heavy duty superstructures for surveying and inspection of large-scale or inaccessible sites. For example, the use of a drone can help to reduce costs by approximately 50% for a typical topographic survey.
  • Reduced overall time for projects: Due to the unobtrusive nature of drones, they are able to conduct site progress checks and surveying quickly without the need to halt active work sites during inspection operations. The ability to report data in an efficient and accurate manner allows work to be completed faster.
  • Enhanced Health & Safety:Drones are also able to reduce the need to access hazardous areas, such as working at height or over water. They can also be fully automated through artificial intelligence and have the capability to identify potential construction risks, unsafe working environments and practices through surveillance.

Tim Risbridger, Country Head Singapore at Arcadis, commented: “As the construction industry embarks on a digital transformation, we are investing in new technologies which enables us to meet the changing needs of our clients. Arcadis is among the first in the industry and region to invest in commercial/industrial-grade drones capable of operating in challenging environments to collect high quality data. We look forward to working with our clients to embrace digitalization and enjoy the benefits it brings.”

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