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By leveraging drone technology, organizations can mitigate risk through innovative data collection, management and visualization. From site surveying and evaluation, construction project monitoring, site safety audits and volumetric analysis, Arcadis' drone and data optimization capabilities have incredible potential in the engineering and consultancy industry.

Amos Cheong

Head of Project & Programme Management and Business Advisory, Singapore +65 6222 3888 Ask me a question

Surveying large areas of land, property or industrial sites can be time consuming and costly. Arcadis' drone and data optimization capabilities in Singapore reshapes the realities of site surveying, inspections and analysis while improving productivity and reporting.

Small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS), commonly known as drones serve as a first step in more efficient, cost-effective and thorough data collection. Arcadis’ comprehensive and scalable approach towards data collection, management and visualization works together to unlock the full potential of digital for our clients’ projects. When used correctly, digital solutions like drones enable faster, safer, simpler and more informed management of your natural and built assets.

Combining our industry expertise, state-of-the-art equipment and software, and CAAS certified drone pilots, we deliver accurate and timely data to enable our clients to achieve better business outcomes. Our digital innovations focus on harnessing high-quality data and turning it into actionable insights using innovative technology and methodology to optimise value for our clients.

Some of the areas we are already making a difference:

  • Automated Road Inspection & Analysis
  • Aerial Façade Inspection & Analysis
  • Site Monitoring & Analysis
  • Vessel Volumetric Analysis.

Our in-house developed software enables the automation of detecting defects and deformations in roads, bridges, and facades through machine learning capabilities and drones, thereby allowing clients to have increased accuracy in reporting, prioritise rectification works and carry out preventive maintenance.  Our solutions also provide efficiencies in volumetric computations, site safety inspections and progress monitoring through model generation software and drones. The data captured can form documentations useful for site control and dispute resolution.


  • Enhanced health & safety
  • Significant cost and time savings
  • Increased density of data points gathered
  • Quick and accurate data turnaround

Using drone technology, a major landfill project was able to better manage project progress and protect the health and safety of employees on-site. Check out this video to learn more about how drones can help transform the client experience.

To learn more about our drone and data optimization solutions, feel free to contact the team at digital.sg@arcadis.com.

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Amos Cheong

Head of Project & Programme Management and Business Advisory, Singapore +65 6222 3888 Ask me a question
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