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The environment we live in is constantly evolving. Triggered by economic, social or environmental changes. The infrastructure we design and build has to support that. This is futureproofing mobility.

To futureproof mobility and build resilient mobility networks, we have to take three aspects into account: solutions should be able to stand the test of time, should be able to withstand cyber-attacks, power outages or major sporting events, and should be able to cope with the changing environment.


    In our latest outlook on the transportation industry, we assess three key areas that we need to consider when designing, building and maintaining mobility infrastructure and assets.

    Mobility that stands the test of time

    This theme explores the approach to designing, building and maintaining infrastructure and assets. Across different mobility modes — rail, roads, highways and airports — we must determine whether we should replace or renovate assets.  During that process, we take into consideration sustainability and how organizations are set up to be resilient to events resulting from climate or natural occurrences, societal and economic changes.

    Withstanding emergencies

    A lot has been said about COVID-19 and how it disrupted services and affected user travel behavior. However, there are a multitude of events that can occur and disrupt mobility operations that we need to consider. These could be cyber-attacks, power outages, major sporting events like the Olympics, war, inflation or recessions. Under this pillar, we explore how to plan investments in infrastructure and assets that will allow business flexibility and enable continual operational success.

    Mobility that can cope with environmental changes

    In certain parts of the world, there is increased risk of natural disasters. However, extreme weather events related to temperature and precipitation are becoming a regular occurrence, and their effects are unpredictable. Do we replace, do we renovate and how much priority are these environmental changes given in new infrastructure?

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Our Futureproofing Mobility series will help mobility and transportation organizations start the dialogue and planning of
operations in order to assess effectiveness of current operations and implementing, monitoring and optimizing the
necessary change for successful operational continuity.


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