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spending by 20% overall

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The challenge

Scottish Power was looking for an asset investment planning solution to support the creation of its business plan for the next price control period (RIIO-ED2) which runs over five years, from 2023 to 2028. They selected Arcadis’s Enterprise Decision Analytics (EDA), a world-leading asset investment planning solution, built to provide insights into your assets and enable data-driven decisions.  

With limited visibility on the impact of certain business decisions, the energy group needed to implement a system that would give them more control over both their assets and future performance.  

The solution

For RIIO-ED2, Scottish Power Networks will determine the optimal intervention portfolio to deliver value for money for customers. Working closely with our experts to deploy the EDA platform, a range of constraints and objectives were utilized to help the client understand the impact of different decisions and different constraints on network decision making.  

The solution incorporated a decision-making framework against which investments can be scored, a risk register to identify pre- and post- risk of investments, a workflow to progress investment requests through various stages, and a configurable prioritization framework across various asset of business portfolios. 

The impact

EDA was deployed to support across a portfolio of investments of approx. $300 million. Thanks to the insights gathered from the platform, Scottish Power was able to see cost efficiencies of up to 35% which equals to approx. $100 million, and also so substantial reduction in planning and reporting times.  

Used capabilities

Digital Environmental Health Safety and Sustainability

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