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Enterprise Decision Analytics (EDA) solution is a decision support platform that empower asset-rich organizations to better understand their asset portfolios and enable agile, data-driven decisions for optimal investment strategies aimed at maximizing returns for their businesses.

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Key Features

EDA enables companies to streamline their planning process, improve efficiency, save time on reporting and regulatory submissions, and quickly reach objective, data-driven, operational, tactical and strategic decisions. Organizations of all sizes can utilize EDA’s features to get a detailed view of their asset’s lifecycle so that they can better plan their investments.

Data-driven decisions

With access to advanced analytics, you can gain better insights into your asset portfolio so you can plan with confidence.

Visualized insights

Asset managers and heads of capital projects are easily able to visualize optimized scenarios and get the actionable insights they need to create robust, data-driven investment plans.

Strategic planning

As well as having access to leading analytics capabilities, EDA also offers the ability to review scenarios and outcomes based on your set of constraints. With this feature you will have more control of your future and take quicker decisions.

All-in one system

Centralize your asset data in a single location and easily assess their condition, risk, and contingencies. Share updates and collaborate on projects with colleagues, as well as create comprehensive reports you can present to stakeholders.

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Predict asset behaviour and receive actionable insights

Using the latest technology and leveraging optimization, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and our digital expertise, EDA was purposely built to predict future asset performance and deliver key insights.


Improve your planning process and save time and resources

Transform your strategic planning with an end-to-end analytics platform for smarter, more efficient planning and clear, objective project prioritization. Create a clear line of sight across your organization and easily align your strategic priorities to your every day, operational activities.


Efficiently balance costs, risks, and other complex factors

Make more efficient business decisions that not only balance cost and risk, but other complex factors such as customer service levels, safety, environmental impact, sustainability targets or even a carbon footprint plans, and deliver optimized asset investment plans.


Deliver the best value from your investments

EDA is capable of analysing millions of investment permutations and compare complex factors that go into every and each business decision before producing an optimized investment plan that delivers maximized value.

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