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380,000 sq ft

remodeled office space across 16 locations

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The challenge

Power Home Remodeling’s purpose is to realize the potential in every home, person, and community as an ‘unexpected ally.’ It is a forward-thinking, brand-driven company making phenomenal strides in new and existing markets. Their employees tend to be out doing door-to-door sales, so their offices need to function as a hub for large company training and team-building gatherings and celebrations. Power’s goal was to encompass the local culture and to motivate employees to be proud of the work they do and the company they are a part of. 

The solution

Arcadis was engaged as Power’s workplace design partner to develop a new workplace-branded environment to support its growth and expansion. Replicated across 16 offices, the new office concept provides a high-energy user experience to pump up the employees to prep them for their day of sales and share the company’s values and culture. All Power offices across the U.S. share the same foundational design concept, which includes modern, industrial, and natural elements. Inspiration for each office is pulled from its local environment to give each space a unique design touch. For example, the design for the Pittsburgh location was inspired by the city’s famous Steel Foundries and City Bridges. Arcadis’ design team developed a concept that celebrates the city’s history by creating an industrial yet modern space with layers of warmth and natural materials.

The impact

Power’s expanding portfolio of locations allows opportunities for existing employees to relocate, ensuring the Power culture is directly embedded in the region, while also attracting new talent from within each city they expand to. In Power’s Houston office, the employee experience begins with music. The design incorporates branding elements and lighting design synced to the beat of music that plays at the beginning of each sales meeting as the director presents the top sales of the week to excite the staff and set the tone for the day. Words of encouragement and their organization’s values are displayed as they enter and leave the conference room and can be programmed to change. Adjacent to the conference and training rooms are small open breakout areas for small sales teams to regroup before or after a day of sales.

We created an experience—a home base for the salespeople.

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