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The challenge

Cidade Center Norte is an iconic multi-purpose complex in São Paulo that plays an important role in the economy of the city´s north zone (about 3 million residents) and hosts about 70 million guests (from all over the country) every year. They are so big and diverse that they call themselves a city (‘Cidade’ means city in Portuguese).


    After solidifying its position in the market, but facing fierce competition and aiming at expanding the variety of business within the Complex, CCN understood it was time to imbed sustainability in its strategy, becoming a more resilient business, contributing to the sustainable development of the city and building more responsible and value-added relationships with its various stakeholders. It was time to add their commitment to the ESG Agenda to one of the reasons why people would want to shop at their malls, stay in their hotel and organize events at their venues.

The solution

Acting as the protector of the sustainability strategy, working with CNN was to witness their sustainability culture unfold. Their willingness to make things right was already present in 2018, but the true comprehension of the gaps to be closed and the multistakeholder commitment to embark in this journey was something Arcadis is grateful to have contributed to.


    Providing assistance, from the development of a vision to the definition of ESG targets linked to executives remuneration, from the consolidation of a branded sustainability program to the review of crisis communication plans, Arcadis has definitely left its mark on CNN´s history, supporting their progress into becoming a more ethical, efficient and empathetic business.

    More than just deliverables, Arcadis served the client with expert advice. As the sustainability journey is one that must be truly intertwined with the business plan, adherent to the client´s specific needs and endorsed by its stakeholders, Arcadis job was to guide the client by providing gap analysis, action plans, benchmarks, best practices, technical orientations and coaching.

    Throughout this years, Arcadis interacted with many of the businesses partners and was involved in the creation of many of the initiatives developed by the clients innovation committee, always making sure that the ESG risks and impacts were considered and that the overall result would help lead the company toward sustainability.

The impact

A place to be proud of – that´s how we can describe Cidade Center Norte. Focusing on their customers, the client aimed to be an organized, safe and sustainable complex. In order to honor this commitment, CCN counted on Arcadis´ support in developing and implementing several initiatives which would set the path for CNN to become a reference in quality of life and innovation, by promoting access to quality consumption, health, education, culture, leisure and entertainment, through ventures that respect the people and the environment of the city.


    Taking the challenge

    Store owners, event planners, exhibitors, hotel guests, visitors, suppliers, partners, employees and neighbor communities can surely attest to the evolution of CNN`s ESG Agenda and experience the benefits generated by the company´s sustainability risks and opportunities management, being its resource efficiency (and cost reduction) for store owners, human rights promotion for suppliers, transparency for partners, organic food for hotel guests, waste management for exhibitors, social investment for the community, safety for visitors and wellbeing for employees.

Used capabilities

Digital Environmental Health Safety and Sustainability

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