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The challenge

As one of the world's leading integrated energy companies, BP is working to drive the energy transition by developing renewable energy sources in addition to contributing to the security of oil and gas supplies. It is also worthwhile to look at assets that, at first glance, may not appear to be optimized for this type of transformation. In Büttel, Schleswig-Holstein, for example, part of a 270-hectare area at the state port of Ostermoor, east of the Elbe estuary, is already being used for solar and wind power.

The potential for (green) energy and economic growth in the neighboring area sparked a question: had it been fully exploited? With a strong ambition to enhance the site's sustainable value, the company's decision-makers sought an innovative solution - an additional solar power installation with storage capacity for green energy, enabling capacity for eMobility. Implementing such an idea requires a great deal of interdisciplinary expertise in the areas of energy management, energy transition, site development, and stakeholder management.

The solution

We were able to support our client BP throughout the entire project development process, from market and site analysis to concept development, as well as investor outreach and negotiations.

Arcadis experts identified the potential of the areas at the intersection of offshore and onshore energy and developed a master plan for an energy park. The aim was to exploit the potential of the infrastructure and to store the wind energy generated on site or transported to the site using innovative solutions such as battery storage or green hydrogen production.

As part of the transaction management, we prepared an exposé, approached investors and operators for such uses, and brought all the stakeholders together. As a result, the development of an additional solar farm with battery storage was successfully initiated together with the cooperation partner Enerparc. We supported the contract negotiations with the partners and coordinated the planning, approval, and commissioning of the project.

The impact

BP has successfully optimized the economic added value of its land by establishing a pioneering hybrid solar park with battery storage on 39 hectares in Büttel. This transformation not only brings an additional 39 megawatts of CO2-free solar power from 119,000 modules and eight megawatt-hours of storage capacity (baseload PPA), but also benefits the entire region by improving the carbon footprint and ensuring a more resilient energy supply. With the successful commissioning, BP has underlined its commitment to proactively drive the energy transition with a spirit of innovation. The Federal Network Agency supported the project as part of its innovation tender.

The successful project in Büttel provides a tangible impetus for future transformation steps: other BP areas at the Ostermoor port are currently being investigated for their potential use in supporting the energy transition.

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