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The Challenge

Antwerp-based management company Lantis delivers complex mobility and quality of life projects, such as the Oosterweel Link. These infrastructure projects are often lengthy and require huge investments, both in terms of construction and maintenance. As well as highly volatile prices of raw materials and energy, inflation and labor costs also have a significant impact on estimates for specifications. Moreover, changes and additions are common throughout the project implementation phase.

The Solution

Lantis has appointed Arcadis as consultancy firm for cost management and budget control for the next ten years. As an engineering firm, Arcadis has been involved for several decades in numerous construction and infrastructure projects, both domestically and abroad. Through these projects, we have built up a wealth of knowledge and expertise in relation to cost and budget management. We have collated this information and these insights into a digital tool, which now enables us to keep track of estimates and orders more accurately, including on behalf of our clients.

The contract relates to estimates throughout the various phases of the project: from the startup or feasibility stage, through establishing a target price, right up to any additional works during construction. Cost/benefit analyses, estimates for policy-related studies and any alternatives can also be drawn up.


    NEC4 contracts are based on the target price. This pioneering type of contract means that minimum prices or additional costs—and therefore also financial risks—are shared between clients and contractors. Oosterweel is the largest project in the world to use this type of contract.

The Impact

This way of working allows us to predict costs in advance and also to draw up estimates from third parties in a uniform and transparent manner. This enables us to produce more accurate comparisons, evaluations and analyses, plus we can better address risks. This adds significant value to projects of this scale.


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