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212, 00 sqm

total area


improvement in energy performance

55 points awarded

equivalent to LEED Silver certification

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The challenge

A leading multinational consumer goods corporation, known for environmental leadership, established sustainability goals to address environmental challenges such as the depletion of finite resources and growing consumption. One of the company’s primary objectives is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by half in its manufacturing facilities.

When the company embarked on the construction of a new manufacturing facility in Shiga Prefecture, Japan, it became apparent that incorporating various eco-friendly features into the facility’s design was imperative to align this project with the company’s overarching sustainability targets. This endeavor led to a partnership between the company and Arcadis to seek out ways to achieve LEED certification which will inform, benchmark and celebrate the project’s sustainability goals and achievements.

The solution

Our team of LEED consultants worked closely with the client and its project team to identify sustainable designs and construction features that align with the comprehensive framework of LEED, focusing on creating healthy, efficient and cost-saving green buildings. We started by reviewing the design documents to ensure that sustainability was seamlessly integrated into every stage of the design and construction processes. We then provided guidance on sustainable building practices, offering strategies to optimize energy efficiency and minimize waste. Working alongside the project team, we also identified sustainable building materials and systems that would enhance the facility’s green elements.

By delivering full technical support throughout the entire project life cycle, from project conception to building turnover, we helped the client in achieving its sustainability goals. This effort culminated in the new facility receiving a LEED Silver certification, validating its commitment to sustainable practices.

The impact

The building's design incorporates a range of features that successfully reduced its environmental impact. One notable aspect is the utilization of recycled water, resulting in a significant reduction in water usage. Additionally, the installation of high-efficiency water usage equipment further contributes to water savings. Energy efficiency has been enhanced through a combination of an efficient lighting layout design, the selection of efficient lighting fixtures and the installation of human-sensor lighting.

To promote energy savings, the ventilation system incorporates an economizer that uses cool ambient air from the outside during colder months. This feature not only leads to significant energy savings but also reduces carbon footprint while improving overall air quality within the facility. During construction, waste management practices have been adopted to ensure adherence to sustainable practices throughout the project’s life cycle.

The collaborative efforts between Arcadis, the client and the project team have resulted in the creation of a 212,000 sqm industrial manufacturing facility. This facility successfully meets the client's business requirements while integrating sustainable design elements that benefit the environment.

Used capabilities

Digital Environmental Health Safety and Sustainability

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