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Arcadis Recruitment Privacy Notice

1. Introduction

1. Arcadis N.V. and its group companies (together "Arcadis") are committed to protecting your privacy. With ‘you’ or ‘your’ we mean all job applicants, candidates and other persons that visit a recruitment website of Arcadis or that are in any other way subject of the recruitment processes of Arcadis.

2. This Arcadis Recruitment Privacy Notice ("Notice") describes how Arcadis processes and protects your personal data in the context of its recruitment processes. Your possible future Arcadis employer and Arcadis N.V. are the controller of your personal data. You can find the contact details of these entities and the Chief Privacy Officer on the recruitment website or on the website here.

3. When you are successful in your application, this Notice will no longer apply. Employees of Arcadis are informed of the processing of their personal data by Arcadis via the Arcadis Privacy Notice for Employee Data.

2. How do we collect personal data?

Usually, we will obtain your personal data from you (e.g. because you provide us with your CV or with information during a job interview). We may also obtain your personal data from public data sources and social media like LinkedIn. With your consent, we will obtain personal data from your references or pre-employment screening agencies.

3. Processing Personal Data from Candidates

1. Arcadis collects and processes your personal data for recruitment and selection purposes. This includes processing activities in the scope of assessment of your application, verifying the information received via the application or as otherwise publicly available on you (including your public profile on social media), performing pre-employment screenings, evaluating your eligibility to work at Arcadis and contacting you for future positions that suit your skills and capabilities. We will also store how you came into contact with us, e.g. via which job website or recruitment platform.

Our legal grounds (under the EU General Data Protection Regulation) for these personal data processing activities are:

-   Taking steps to enter into a possible employment agreement with you;
-   Our legitimate interest to find appropriate employees; and/or
-   Our legitimate interest to assess and screen our future work force before we commit to an employer / employee relationship.

Where we rely on legitimate interest as a legal ground, we will always seek to maintain a balance between our legitimate business interests and your privacy.

2. The personal data collected and processed by Arcadis for these purposes will include:

a.   Personal details (e.g., name, contact details, language(s) spoken, gender, date of birth, social security number, marital/civil status, nationality).  
b.   Talent information (e.g., details contained your letter of application and CVs, other details on education and development, work history, driver’s license, information obtained via reference checks) 
c.   Position (e.g., position of interest, title, location, full-time/part-time, possible terms of employment). 
d.   Compensation and payroll (e.g., possible salary, bonus, benefits, compensation type, salary step and other awards, currency, pay frequency, effective date of compensation from previous employment). 
e.   Immigration status (e.g., citizenship, passport data and identity card data and details of residency or work permit). 

3. Sensitive Personal Data: In the course of the recruitment and selection process, Arcadis may need to collect certain data viewed as ‘sensitive’ because they reveal intimate characteristics, such as your image or possible criminal data. Such sensitive data shall be used by Arcadis only within the strict limits set out by applicable local law. Where required, your explicit consent will be sought before the processing of such sensitive personal data takes place. Other legal grounds on the basis of which Arcadis may process sensitive personal data as described below are:

  • the legitimate interest of Arcadis to protect its rights, interests and assets and the rights, interests and assets of its employees, clients, suppliers and business partners;
  • the legitimate interest of Arcadis to establish, exercise or defense a legal claim; or
  • compliance with a legal obligation of which Arcadis is subject.


4. Processing of sensitive personal data may include the following:

  • Your photo or video image may be processed by Arcadis for site access and security reasons, including the pre-employment screening. Images may also be processed to remove or reduce inequality or to ensure diversity in staffing.
  • Criminal data (including data relating to criminal behavior, criminal records or proceedings regarding criminal or unlawful behavior) may be processed by Arcadis to make a decision on you for eligibility for the position within Arcadis and for further pre-employment screening and monitoring. 


3. Personal data access and transfer

1. During the recruitment process, candidate information will be accessed internally only by those Arcadis employees (including employees of Arcadis affiliates) who are directly involved in the recruitment process. 

2. Where Arcadis has contracted with a trusted third-party provider to manage its online employment application process, Arcadis put in place an agreement with such third party service provider to protect your personal data. The third-party provider will be allowed to use candidate information to process Arcadis employment applications only and not for its own purposes.  

3. Due to the global nature of Arcadis’ operations, we may indeed need to disclose your personal data to personnel and departments in other countries, for instance when you apply for a position abroad. A third-party service provider of Arcadis may also be located outside your home jurisdiction. Where such international data transfer takes place to a country that has a different data protection regime, Arcadis will ensure that the international data transfer will not negatively affect the level of protection of your personal data. Where required, Arcadis will inform you any additional details on the international data transfer. 

4. In case you are based in the European Economic Area (EEA) and the recipient of your personal data as described in this paragraph 3 is based outside the EEA in a country that is not considered to have an adequate level of data protection, Arcadis will ensure that this transfer is based on appropriate safeguards to protect the personal data, including EU Model Clauses or Binding Corporate Rules. Information on such safeguards can be obtained by contacting Arcadis via the contact details listed in Clause 6 below.  

4. Security

Arcadis will take appropriate technical, physical and organizational measures to protect personal data from misuse or accidental, unlawful, or unauthorized destruction, loss, alteration, disclosure acquisition or access, that are consistent with applicable privacy and data security laws and regulations. This will include requiring third party service providers to use appropriate measures to protect the confidentiality and security of personal data.

5. Data Integrity and Retention

1. Arcadis will take reasonable steps to ensure that your personal data processed are relevant for the recruitment and selection process, and that they are accurate, complete and kept up to date for carrying out the purposes described in this Notice. Please keep your personal data up to date and inform us of any significant changes.  

2. Arcadis will retain personal data only for a limited period based on the following criteria:

a.   If your application procedure is successful Arcadis will retain your personal data as described in the Arcadis Privacy Notice for Employee Data.  

b.   If your application is not successful or for any other reason not completed, Arcadis will retain your personal data for a period of 12 months after finalization of the application process to be able to contact you for future positions that suit your skills and capabilities, including any new projects that may come up during that 12-month period.
6. Individual Rights and Complaints

1. Where your personal data are incorrect or incomplete, you always have the right to have your personal data rectified or completed by Arcadis. You can exercise this right by using the contact details described below.

2. Certain local laws grant you the right of access and deletion of personal data, objection to processing of personal data, restriction of processing of personal data, the right to withdraw consent and the right of data portability. You can contact Arcadis via the contact details below to find out if these rights apply to you.

What are these rights?

3. The right of access means that you have the right to request an overview of your personal data processed by or on behalf of Arcadis. The rights of deletion and restriction imply that if your personal data is not processed in compliance with applicable law, you have the right to have your data deleted or restricted (as appropriate). The right to object means that you can object to processing of your personal data (as appropriate).

4. The right of data portability means that a copy of your personal data provided by you to Arcadis will, at your request, be transferred to you in a common machine-readable format or transmitted to a third party without hindrance.

5. The right of withdrawal means that if the processing of your personal data was based on consent, you have the right to withdraw such consent. Such withdrawal will not affect the lawfulness of the processing based on consent before the withdrawal.

6. You can exercise these rights by contacting the Arcadis Privacy Officers at Arcadis will perform your request in accordance with local law as applicable to you. Please note that requests that do not meet the requirements set out by applicable law or Arcadis guidelines may be requested to be re-issued or ultimately denied and that certain personal data may be exempt from such access, correction and deletion requests pursuant to applicable data protection laws or other laws and regulations.

7. If you have a complaint about your request, about how your personal data are processed or about Arcadis’ privacy and data protection practices in general, you can contact the Arcadis Privacy Officers at You also have the right to file a complaint with your supervisory authority.  

10 April 2020

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