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Carolien Gehrels

Global Solution Director, Energy Transition

This World EV Day, Carolien Gehrels, Arcadis’ Global Solutions Director for Energy Transition, reflects on the necessary steps we need to take (first and fast) to enable the successful roll out of sustainable transport solutions.

Every other sector is dependent on a decarbonized grid to achieve their own net zero goals. The transport sector, particularly, has accelerated its electrification worldwide, with the emergency of Electric Vehicles (EVs). In parallel, many governments globally, including in Europe, the UK and Australia, are announcing measures and subsidies that further boost this transition.

In the automotive sector, many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are transitioning to 100% EVs. This pushes an increased demand on electricity. Energy companies are switching to produce green, renewable energy to support this, however, with many cities already experiencing grid congestion, the successful roll-out has to be strategically planned.

In Europe, for instance, additional electrification will be required in the European Union to meet the extra energy demand arising from an 80% share of electric vehicles in 2050. The share of Europe's total electricity consumption from electric vehicles will increase from approximately 0.03% in 2014 to around 4-5% by 2030 and 9.5% by 2050. To cope with the influx in demand for renewables, we need to modernize, expand and improve our energy transmission and distribution networks, fast and now.

Arcadis has the expertise and experience to provide strategic advice, help speed up this infrastructure, and support grid expansion and modernization. In Amsterdam, a major real estate developer was looking to make its ‘logistics hub’, emission-free in line with the company’s goals and the city’s 2025 vision. To achieve this, the client needed to find a solution to the hub’s ‘grid congestion’ challenge, enabling charging facilities for hundreds of EVs. Over Morgen (part of Arcadis) partnered with the client to help develop their energy system with smart controls and innovative solutions for the distribution centre. "The solar panels and wind turbines at the facility generate sustainable energy themselves. We arrange the energy system in such a way that we need as little energy as possible from outside," shared Van der Haar, Advisor specializing in energy solutions at Over Morgen. In addition, bi-directional charging stations are placed that can power both the EVs and the grid, and its own energy storage in a battery.

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