• Governance

Our Governance Principles

Arcadis is committed to the principles of good governance: integrity, transparency, accountability and proper supervision. We apply the Dutch Corporate Governance Code since it was first introduced in 2003, with few deviations. Currently we deviate from one provision.

An overview of the corporate governance structure of Arcadis and an explanation of its sole deviation from the principles and best practices of the Dutch Corporate Governance Code is provided on the page 'Compliance with Dutch Corporate Governance Code’.

In December 2016, the Dutch Corporate Governance Code Monitoring Committee (the “Committee”) presented an update of the Dutch Corporate Governance Code. During 2017, Arcadis implemented the changes resulting from this updated Dutch Corporate Governance Code. Twelve identified governance documents were updated. In addition to changes to governance documents and processes directly resulting from the (text of the) new Dutch Corporate Governance Code, Arcadis took the opportunity to carry out a review of its corporate governance structure in general.

On the agenda of the Annual Meeting of Shareholders of 24 April 2018, compliance with the new Dutch Corporate Governance Code was included as a separate item for discussion. Any future material changes in the Company’s corporate governance structure and its compliance with the Code will be submitted to the shareholders for their consideration.