• Governance

Executive Board

The Executive Board consists of the CEO and the CFO. The Executive Board is responsible for the management of the Company and the Company’s goals, objectives, long-term value creation, strategy, policy and results.

The General Meeting appoints the Executive Board members. For every appointment, the Supervisory Board is entitled to make a nomination. The General Meeting can overrule a binding nomination by the Supervisory Board by a resolution adopted by a majority of at least two-thirds of the votes, representing more than half of the issued share capital.

On a non-binding nomination, the General Meeting decides by simple majority.

The General Meeting can dismiss an Executive Board member. Such a decision, other than proposed by the Supervisory Board, requires at least two-thirds of the votes, representing at least half of the issued share capital. The Supervisory Board appoints one of the members of the Executive Board as chairperson and determines, in consultation with the Executive Board, the division of tasks.

Current status
None of the Executive Board members holds supervisory board positions at other Euronext-listed companies. The present composition of the Executive Board and information about its members are provided on the Executive Board page.

The Rules governing the internal procedures of the Executive Board and the Executive Leadership Team are provided below.