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  • April 9, 2019
  • Amsterdam

Arcadis to hire 45 refugees in Europe

Amsterdam - During the Dutch Business Summit for Refugees on April 8, 15 large Dutch companies pledged their support to the integration of refugees into the labor market.

Arcadis agreed to hire 45 recognized political refugees in Europe over the next three years. The practical organization of the hiring initiative will be finalized in the short term. 

Read Peter Oosterveer’s statement during the Summit:

“I am proud to represent the 27,000 employees of Arcadis, men and women who provide design and consultancy services for natural and built assets. Our employees, spread across the globe, feel truly and sincerely passionate about our mission, which is to ‘improve the quality of life’. 

Arcadis will hire 45 refugees across Europe over the next three years, as part of its diversity and inclusion programs. Arcadis will offer refugees the opportunity to attend a 3-month learning module on engineering and soft skills. A select number of these will then be invited to gain work experience at Arcadis for a period of one year, which will include language training. After a final selection, the most appropriate candidates will be offered a permanent contract.

Our commitment is intended to serve the following purposes;

  • It very well supports our Diversity and Inclusion policy, in particular the underrepresented groups
  • It builds on a refugee talent development program already in place in our Dutch operation, which in itself follows our role as co-founder of the Refugee Talent Hub
  • It reinforces other partnerships we have, including the UN Human Habitat Shelter program which we have supported for nearly ten years
  • And above all, it improves the quality of life.”

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