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The energy landscape as we know it is rapidly transforming. Large scale renewable energy resources are dominating the future frontier. Smart grids will manage our increasing transnational demand and supply. In some countries nuclear and fossil fuel plants will be decommissioned or suspended on short notice.

Hendrik-Jan Bakhuizen

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Helping energy transition succeed

Transition towards a new energy system is placing increasing pressure on the sector, forcing it to adapt and make changes much faster than anticipated. 

In the years to come, the sector will face a major challenge as this transition requires investments in, for example, cross-border interconnectors, large-scale replacement projects and the construction of wind parks, both off- and onshore. 

We have a thorough understanding of the Power sector and the challenges facing our clients ahead. Working together with governments, investors, developers, energy utilities, grid operators and end users, we want to help out clients reach their desired outcomes. 

By analyzing the impact of strategic choices, creating an effective demand-response value chain, enabling effective capital expenditure program delivery or inventing new ways to decrease the operational expenditures for the necessary investments, we will help you achieve outcomes that add significant value to your business. Please scroll through our highlighted projects to get a glance of what we can achieve together.

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Hendrik-Jan Bakhuizen

Sector Leader Oil & Gas Europe +31 6 27 06 07 93 Ask me a question
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