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We can help you avoid, mitigate, or resolve construction disputes that might occur at any phase of your project.

Construction projects often face schedule and staff constraints. These obstacles are amplified by conflicting stakeholder interests, contractual risks, evolving technology and other external factors. Even the best-planned projects encounter issues and disputes.

Our team has experience working across the full spectrum of construction claims and damages, helping our clients find solutions to disputes whenever and wherever they might arise.



    Dispute Avoidance, Mitigation and Resolution

    We can help you with issues including:


    Dispute Avoidance

    We specialize in helping you identify potential problems before they can impact your project. We provide schedule reviews, quantitative risk analysis, value management, robust cost estimates, and cutting-edge data analytics to avoid issues on projects. We can pinpoint the critical project drivers of potential delays and recommend the most cost-effective strategies for your organization to mitigate those risks. The result: you save time and money.


    Dispute Mitigation

    During construction, our team works with the owner, designer, contractor, and other team members to guide the project to successful completion. We provide expert insight to mitigate the potential impact of disputes as they arise and prevent them from escalating into claims. Using our knowledge about the causes of claims and what is needed for their resolution, we promote proper documentation, review, and action to keep the project on schedule, within budget and ready for early resolution of disputes.


    Dispute Resolution

    We understand that money is central to nearly all construction disputes. Our dispute resolution services are tailored to minimize your risk and cost. Our strength lies in our absolute objectivity in assessing your position and applying our expertise to help you optimize your outcome. An airtight expert report or a compelling mediation presentation can be very effective and timely. Our credibility and breadth of experience serving as experts will help you meet the objectives of your dispute resolution strategy.

How we help clients

Our experts are leaders in construction avoidance, analysis and resolution and have developed best practices and related training for all stages of the project lifecycle.

Claims and Dispute Resolution

Arcadis is an acknowledged industry leader in the prevention, investigation, evaluation, and resolution of construction disputes. We offer highly experienced senior level claims consultants that have extensive experience in all aspects of the evaluation and resolution of high volume, high dollar, complex claims and disputes on major construction projects.

Risk Management

Arcadis’ systematic risk management approach helps to set expectations and reduce surprises by prioritizing and evaluating major risks and recommending project specific contingencies. Unrealistic budget and schedule constraints may have unintended consequences, leading to short-sighted or reactive decisions that can yield disastrous results as a job progresses.

CPM Scheduling

A schedule is a dynamic document that must be maintained and updated to reflect the latest progress, issues, and work plans in order to truly represent the project status and be a beneficial management tool. Our schedule team is skilled at reporting the project status in a clear concise manner. Narrative and graphical reports are tailored to the various users reflecting their roles, ranging from the needs of the job foreman to those of Senior Management.

Value Management

Effective value management (VM) studies provide owners with deep insight into a project’s total construction and lifecycle costs focusing on adding functional value and promoting implementable solutions. Value management is a business process optimization tool and methodology to develop solutions to solve challenges related to process, projects, and products to achieve a practical balance between cost, performance, longevity, and reliability.

Cost Estimating

Today’s unprecedented market conditions pose many challenges for cost effective project delivery. Arcadis brings a global market insight with a local market perspective to help you understand your project’s cost drivers and make well-informed decisions to avoid, mitigate, and resolve complicated cost issues.

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For any questions, please get in touch and we can connect you with the right expert.

Eric Schatz

Connect with Eric Schatz for more information & questions.

Practice Lead – Contract Solutions

Find out more about this solution

For any questions, please get in touch and we can connect you with the right expert.

Eric Schatz

Connect with Eric Schatz for more information & questions.

Practice Lead – Contract Solutions

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