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  • October 4, 2018
  • Brussels

Arcadis supervises large-scale renewal of tunnel management and renovation in Belgium

Brussels - Arcadis, the international design and consultancy organization in the field of natural and built environments will advise and support the Flemish Agency for Roads and Traffic (AWV) in modernizing their approach to tunnel management and renovation. The contract involves a turnover of 6.3 million euros.


The investment in digitization is very important for the future, the safety and the quality guarantee of the tunnels

Smarter renovation and management

The Flemish government's Roads and Traffic Agency is responsible for managing all major vehicle tunnels in Flanders, including various tunnels on the trans-European road network.  
In the coming years, the agency wants to focus strongly on the renovation and the smarter management of its tunnel assets by using the latest/newest digital tools. For the support with this assignment, the agency is calling on the expertise of Arcadis. 

Comprehensive contract

The contract encompasses consultancy on conservation and includes studies, inspection, drafting of safety and renovation files and building information modeling (BIM) of the tunnels in the Flemish Region. The digitization of all tunnel plans in an intelligent and dynamic 3D model (BIM) should enable the preparation of renovations down to the smallest detail and the organization of maintenance in a smarter way according to the very latest principles of asset management.

Large-scale maintenance

The investment in digitization for asset management is very important for the future, the safety and the quality guarantee of the tunnels,” says Carl Verelst, Infrastructure expert at Arcadis. “So far, BIM has mainly been used in the design and implementation phases. A lot of infrastructure was designed fifty to sixty years ago and requires more thorough maintenance or conservation work. That’s why many infrastructure managers are investing in large-scale maintenance. This is a really good collaboration between Arcadis Belgium and Arcadis Netherlands.

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