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Moving our water reliably and efficiently is a major challenge of the modern day as urban populations grow and put increasing pressure on finite freshwater supplies.

Mitchell Bray

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Ever since ancient times, the need to move water reliably and efficiently has been a priority for cities and communities. This is increasingly the case today. As the world’s cities continue to grow, so too does the need to collect and transport our water supplies, and to ensure our drainage facilities are effective and will stand the test of time.

At Arcadis, we have more than a century of experience in assisting our clients to convey and store water, wastewater and storm water, while protecting public health. Our work includes planning, design and construction of new and rehabilitated trunk sewers, force mains, interceptors, pumping stations, tunnels, and green infrastructure.

Associated solutions:

- Drinking Water Distribution Systems

- Wastewater Collection Systems

- Stormwater and Green Infrastructure

Australia has always faced challenges in collecting, storing and delivering water, issues only being exacerbated by climate change threats across the region. Arcadis Australia Pacific is a leader in providing private and public clients with sustainable water conveyance expertise, from early planning to construction, commissioning and maintenance.

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Mitchell Bray

Business Leader – Urban Development Ask me a question