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As the world is in the midst of the sixth mass extinction, it is vital that we maintain a balanced ecosystem which supports both human development and ecological values. Arcadis works with you to identify ways to best protect, enhance and monitor biodiversity values, avoid and mitigate potential impacts and comply with local, state and federal environmental legislation and policy.

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Fire Rigen at Bunyip State Park

Assessing impacts to biodiversity and outlining mitigating measures to minimise threats is often a crucial component to the approval process of development. Arcadis ecologists guide you to avoid and minimise impacts and provide ongoing monitoring and management advice to meet approval requirements and adhere to local, state and national legislation.

The breadth of experience and knowledge of our ecology team lends itself to projects spanning a range of sectors and complexities. These include projects that center on ecological and impact assessments, natural resource management, and flora and fauna monitoring, including the design and implementation of cost-effective surveys that comply with State and Commonwealth survey guidelines.

Our highly experienced ecologists, including botanical and zoological specialists, have experience undertaking ecological field surveys throughout Australia. With local teams in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, our team are highly trained scientists with specialist skills that ensure our surveys meet or exceed regulatory requirements, helping your project to proceed smoothly. For NSW and Victorian projects, we have Biodiversity Assessment Method (BAM) and Vegetation Quality Assessment (Habitat Hectares) accredited staff.

The ecology team are assisted by a team of in-house planners, GIS technicians, environmental consultants and engineers.

Services provided:

  • Flora and fauna ecological surveys

  • Targeted threatened species surveys

  • Biodiversity management planning

  • Ecological monitoring

  • Impact assessments and approvals

  • Pre-clearance tree surveys

  • Environmental inductions and training

  • Environmental offset planning

  • Salvage and translocation services

  • GIS

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Ed Cooper

Technical Discipline Leader - Ecology Ask me a question
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