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The lives of millions of people living and working in big cities or regional and remote areas across the Australian region depends on reliable, affordable and safe power.

Luke Keys

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By tapping into local and global knowledge, we can provide comprehensive and multi-disciplinary energy advice.

Australia’s continued urbanization and economic growth is being accompanied by public and private sector investment in upgraded or new energy supply and distribution services. 

This will enable Australia to adapt flexibly to rapid changes in populations, markets, emerging clean energy sources like solar or wind, and new technology like smart grids.

With our ability to tap local and global knowledge, we provide comprehensive energy advice in both overhead and underground transmission and distribution, as well as for substations.

From site selection, tender evaluation and surveying to route selection, power system modelling, lighting design, construction and project management, we are the forefront of the dynamic energy market.

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Luke Keys

Business Leader – Industry & Power Ask me a question
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