Quantity Surveying

In a world where commodity and resource costs fluctuate so rapidly, it’s imperative that procurement costs and contracts are as accurate as possible. Typically, construction cost tends to be one of the key drivers of design development as investors and developers need to understand the price of their decisions.

Matthew Mackey

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The process of cost and commercial management, or quantity surveying, is used to inform both our clients and the consultant team of the impact on such price decisions. From inception to post-completion, Arcadis’ experts provide cost planning and commercial management advice that ensure value for money and that projects come in on budget.

Accurately predicting, forecasting and controlling costs is essential for the delivery of any project. At Arcadis, our approach to quantity surveying will ensure:

  • The commercial interests of our clients are safeguarded at every stage of the design, procurement and construction process;
  • Overall return on investment is maximised; and
  • Value for money is being achieved.

Consequently, there is an ongoing process of design development and cost control that will ensure that:

  • The project or program of works can meet budget expectations, and
  • The developing design represents value for money.

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Matthew Mackey

Director - Cost & Commercial Ask me a question
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