Sustainable Cities Mobility Index

Singapore showcases its commitment to sustainable mobility

With a population expected to grow to over 6 million by 2030, the Singapore government has committed significant efforts in creating an urban mobility landscape fit for the future of the city. Singapore’s commitment to improve connectivity, readiness to adopt digital transformation whilst conserving the needs of people and the environment makes Singapore the only Asian city to achieve well-balanced scoring across the pillars of People, Profit and Planet.  Already ranking 8th on the global index, we can expect Singapore’s pioneering mindset and early adoption of electronic vehicles, self-driving technology, ride sharing platforms and big data to propel the city to its goal of becoming a sustainable Smart Nation.

The Sustainable Cities Mobility Index

Balancing the 3 pillars of sustainability

In this latest edition of the Sustainable Cities research, we examine 100 cities across 23 evaluation indicators to give an indicative ranking of each city’s mobility and how sustainable its system is in terms of the 3 pillars of sustainability, PEOPLE (social), PLANET (environmental) and PROFIT (economy).

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Overall Ranking

A well-balanced sub-index score

Ranking the 8thcity with the most sustainable transport system, Singapore has the best balanced score across the 3 pillars of sustainability. Singapore is 1 of only 3 cities in Asia to rank in the top 20 of the Planet sub-index. This is highlighted by the government’s effort to reduce transport emission and also their investment in green transport technologies such as initiatives like Car-Lite, a 15-year plan to reduce reliance on petrol-fueled cars and self-drive technology applications.

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Digital applications achieve efficiency

Singapore’s digital application in transport scored a perfect 100%. This illustrates the city-state’s success in applying digital solutions to enable improved performance around public transportation, which is a key element of Singapore’s vision of becoming a Smart Nation. Traffic fatalities per 100,000 inhabitants was low with a score of 86%, making it one of the safest places in the world to drive or be a pedestrian.

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Generate revenue to sustain upkeep

Singapore ranked 13th for overall profit with its high score powered by the economic opportunity it offers. The city-state scored 100% in this area, showing that Singapore can sustain its own upkeep and growth through its own revenue which is key evidence of long-term sustainability. Singapore also ranked strongly in relation affordability of public transport against the average income, scoring 65%.

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The future green nation

Singapore’s efficient public transport system made it one of just 3 cities outside of Europe to fall in the top 20 of the Planet ranking. The city scored 100% for encouraging residents to switch to electric vehicles. This is an essential step in ensuring a lower emission future, and is also significantly recognized for its green efforts including the provision of green space (99%), minimizing air pollution (83%) and greenhouse gas emissions (82%). The city-state is however judged as having a very poor bicycle infrastructure, but is seeing an improvement with the adoption of green scooters.

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