Singapore's core mobility objective is to accelerate and leverage sustainable, cost-effective technologies to provide safe and reliable green transportation to achieve a car-light Singapore.

It is a city leading in alternative modes of mobility as part of its Smart Nation vision.

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CAV concept broadly accepted by citizens of Singapore.

Increasing acceptance of ridesharing schemes.

High level of digital maturity boosted by a number of public/private joint initiatives.

Focus on CAV for ‘first and last mile’ in regional transit.

Electric Vehicles still lack popularity amongst individual car owners due to price considerations.

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Committee on Autonomous Road Transport for Singapore (CARTS) coordinates all CAV initiatives.

Active testing; center for CAV testing opened in 2016 and a MaaS Lab at NTU/Jurong.

The government plans to have self-driving buses and shuttles on public roads by 2022.

Targeting a 10 fold increase of EV in ridesharing and taxis by 2020

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Very high quality road and communications network.

Open-data based analytics helped reduce overcrowding on buses by 92%, even with growing passenger numbers.

Accelerating density of EV charging stations with 10 fold increase by 2020.

Scarcity of land for development: 12% of land currently used for parking and roads.

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