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280 km

of new HSR line


priority sections

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The challenge

The aim of the new Paris-Normandy High Speed Rail is to provide the Seine Valley with an efficient rail link between Paris, Mantes, Rouen and Le Havre, plus a section to Caen and Cherbourg. Feasibility, preliminary and preliminary design technical and environmental studies were required for the creation of the new HSR line for priority sections 1 (Paris - Mantes and Rouen - Barentin) and 2 (Mantes - Evreux and Barentin - Yvetot). These are being carried out in conjunction with public consultation to design a project that is compatible with the challenges facing the regions.

The solution

Arcadis implemented a systemic approach based on active collaboration between the environment and technology and we are proud to have contributed our expertise in the following areas in particular:

  • The search for a preferential route that takes into account all the issues at stake
  • The phasing of the works to be carried out, limiting the impact of construction
  • The need to educate and explain the impact of the works during the construction phase and the target phase, to ensure consultation with the public and institutional stakeholders.

The impact

Bringing this infrastructure into service offers a multitude of benefits, enhancing both regional connectivity, particularly in the Seine Valley, and overall travel experience. It enhances the resilience of the rail network and provides a better quality of service by improving efficiency, accessibility, environmental sustainability, comfort and convenience and safety.

Overall, the Paris-Normandy High Speed Rail system not only revolutionises transportation between these two regions but also brings a host of benefits to individuals, businesses and the environment.

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