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1,780 ha.


26 million m³

of earth moved

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The challenge

Western Sydney’s diverse population of more than two million is expected to increase by 46% over the next 20 years. To accommodate for future growth and the region’s rising aviation needs, the Western Sydney International Airport is set to deliver simple, smart, and intuitive experience for travelers and be a catalyst for long-term development, opening up new employment and economic opportunities in the Western Sydney corridor. Opening in 2026, this is the first new greenfield international airport in Australia since Melbourne Airport opened in 1970.

The solution

To help Western Sydney International Airport become a transformational infrastructure project in the region, Arcadis is bringing a wealth of technical expertise and knowledge  from Australia and globally. The construction of the project is split into several major contracts. Arcadis was involved in the Bulk Earthworks contract as part of CPB Contractors and Acciona Joint Venture, which is the first major package for construction.

Following the success of our initial work, we continued to provide cutting-edge detailed design together in a Joint Venture with Aurecon and partner NACO for the Airside Civil and Pavement works, including the airport runway, and the geometry of the facilities, roads, taxiways, pavement, utilities, and water systems forming the foundation of the new airport.

The project harnessed the strength of Arcadis’ various disciplines from Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane, as well as our office in Manila, and benefited from collaboration with a global team of experts in the UK and USA who have worked on the iconic Manchester Airport and John F. Kennedy International Airport projects.

To achieve our sustainability and environmental targets, Arcadis was instrumental in developing pavement materials made using recycled materials. Arcadis continues to leverage its expertise and provides value to the client in delivering airside civil and pavements and completing the geometry of 26km of non-airfield roads. This design accommodates future growth, ensuring the airport is ready for expansion.

Digital engineering is a vital component of our work. Federating various 3D models, which is unique for the Western Sydney International Airport, saves significant processing time, reduces risks, and mitigates errors. This approach helps improve quality, safety, and the commissioning of Western Sydney International Airport for construction.

The impact

As the detailed designer, together with our JV partner, Arcadis is completing the cutting-edge detailed design of the airside package, including the runway, roads, taxiways, pavement, utilities, and water systems.

Western Sydney International Airport will provide a seamless experience for airline passengers travelling to various destinations through smart technologies and services. Focusing on operational efficiency and reliability makes flying fast, easy, and smooth - unparalleled among other airports in the country.

Aside from opening thousands of employment and business opportunities for locals in the Western Sydney corridor, the airport will also stimulate the development of new and modern infrastructure, such as motorways, train lines, and roads, shortening travel time and increasing safety for generations to come.

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