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areas in Metropolitan Melbourne catering to pedestrian and vehicle demand.

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The challenge

Smarter Roads is a five-year, AUD340 million Victorian Government programme to improve transport movement on the arterial roads through an investment of an additional 730 traffic cameras that will monitor traffic operations and support the response to incidents, 260 travel time sensors to transmit reliable road incidents and unplanned disruptions, 42 electronic message signs to report accurate live travel information while driving, and 75 dynamic pedestrian crossing sensors to increase safety. Expanding the capacity of Victoria’s road network is urgently required to meet population growth in the state concentrated in Metropolitan Melbourne, which adds to the vehicle, pedestrian, and transport demand.

The solution

Arcadis is supporting the Smarter Roads programme by providing Department of Transport and Planning (DTP) with rapid response specialist support services. The programme will deliver DTP’s Transport Operations Centre (TOC) with a real-time “Common Operational Picture” to enable coordinated and proactive transport network management. This application will ensure that both human and technological interventions are aware of the road situation in real time with our global design solutions.

Smarter Roads focuses on improving the Victorian's quality of life while promoting a cleaner and safer environment. DTP are installing 75 pedestrian detectors to prevent unnecessary wait times, improve safety, and enable a balance between pedestrian and vehicle demand at busy crossings. DTP is also launching modern air-quality roadsides stations to measure particulate matter, damaging Greenhouse gases, noise, and meteorology at seven locations across Melbourne for this human-centered project.

Improvement in the DTP Operations Team’s efficiency and delivery is achieved with Arcadis’ technical guidance on the proactive operating model that will result in hassle-free customer experiences for road users. Our provision of operational frameworks, models, and support to data analytics will create insights for the DTP team to further understand network performance and the impact of operational responses. This includes informed planning decisions for continuous improvement to confirm and produce opportunities to utilise data to predict congestion and satisfactorily manage the network.

The impact

The Smarter Roads programme enhances the capabilities for frontline and back-office support teams through adapting technology to support road network operations. As a transformational programme of works across infrastructure, resources and processes to deliver a step change providing safer, smoother, and more coordinated movement across the road network. The project will build capability and resilience to utilise new and supplementary data streams to deliver enhanced situational awareness of the road network. Enabling positive change in the way goods and people move across the Victorian transport network.

Used capabilities

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