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of reclaimed land


new passenger building

30 million

additional passengers to be served annually

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The challenge

Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) is an important transportation hub in the region. It connects parts of Asia to the rest of the world thus it is one of the world’s busiest airports for passenger traffic. As air traffic continues to grow, Airport Authority Hong Kong saw the need to expand HKIA to maintain Hong Kong's competitiveness as an international aviation hub and improve the user experience to better serve the public. Arcadis was commissioned to be part of HKIA’s development which lasted more than 15 years and covered over 20 projects. 

The solution

One of the main projects in this development was the construction of a third runway system that is key to HKIA’s expanded operations. To create the third runway system, an area spanning approximately 650ha north of the existing north runway had to be reclaimed. The land formation used a non-dredging method to provide a platform for the third runway, a new passenger concourse, and all associated taxiways, aprons and airport infrastructure. Improving the experience for the commuting public is of paramount importance for our client. As such, a central feature of the third runway is a new passenger building that was designed around the needs of travelers, equipped with hi-tech facilities and is environmentally friendly. The facilities in this building can be further expanded if the need arises in the future.

The impact

Upon the completion of its third runway, HKIA will be able to serve 30 million additional passengers annually as forecasted in the Hong Kong International Airport Master Plan 2030. The design of the passenger building balances operational efficiency with the commitment to being one of the world’s greenest airports. It boasts many green features and a courtyard at the center where its lush green lawn and groves of trees offer a tranquil setting for relaxation and enjoyment. Spanning a floor area of around 283,000m2, the spacious passenger building will offer passengers a green environment with plenty of natural sunlight, exquisite shopping experience and a wide array of dining options.

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