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The complex nature of the ground makes geotechnical engineering a challenging task. At Arcadis, we are up for this challenge, mastering the risks by providing efficient, advanced and sustainable geotechnical engineering solutions.

Said Azzouzi

Senior Consultant Geotechnics & Global CoP Leader Geotechnics +31 6 11 92 05 30 Ask me a question
Geotechnik im Brückenbau

Arcadis geotechnical expertise transforms soil-structure challenges into opportunities.

We believe successful geotechnical engineering stems from the continuous development of innovative solutions, which makes it possible to address non-conventional challenges. Arcadis provides geotechnical consultancy, engineering and design, for a diverse portfolio: industrial, oil and gas, wastewater, mining, marine, infrastructure, flood defense, ports and airports, as well as commercial and residential schemes. We fully understand how to design and build various types of foundations, retaining structures, tunnels, dikes, levees and other earthworks. Our experts apply state-of-the-art knowledge and deliver the highest quality engineering solutions.

Arcadis brings extensive experience and capabilities to address our clients’ requirements and pain points, while giving them a one-stop shop solution for the successful delivery of projects. We deliver creative, advanced  and cost-effective solutions, throughout the entire asset lifecycle. 

Our approach allows us to help clients mitigate and manage the myriad risks associated with complex ground conditions, thereby yielding cost savings and avoiding unnecessary delays. Arcadis works at the forefront of digital transformation, soil/structure interaction analyses, ground movement predictions and construction technology. Our global presence helps us deliver best-in-class service for our clients all over the world.

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Said Azzouzi

Senior Consultant Geotechnics & Global CoP Leader Geotechnics +31 6 11 92 05 30 Ask me a question
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