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Dispute Avoidance

Contractual disputes can prove extremely costly for all parties. Prevention is always better than the cure and getting the basics right is the best way to avoid descending into dispute.

Gary Kitt

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Right across the world, the value of disputes in the construction and infrastructure sectors is increasing significantly every year. This makes the need to avoid disputes all the more vital. At Arcadis, we understand that parties can fail to see eye-to-eye at any point during the relationship. This, therefore, focuses upon avoiding disputes in the post-contract stage.

With this in mind, we not only help our clients plan to avoid potential pitfalls at the start of the project but also regularly monitor progress to ensure the risk of dispute is kept to an absolute minimum.
Associated services:
- Tactical analysis of key project risks
- Contract administration and management
- Progress and performance monitoring
- Contract schedule risk analysis
- Specialist planning & project controls
- Progress updates and audits

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Gary Kitt

Head of Contract Solutions +44 (0)207 812 2310 Ask me a question
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