Ongoing devolution, major infrastructure commitments and rapid urbanisation have seen cities play a more important role than ever before in the economic, cultural and environmental make-up of the UK. However, with this additional growth and responsibility comes additional complexity. We work with city leaders to improve the quality of life by creating spaces where people want to live and work, improving mobility and making best use of natural resources. Our people help cities to grow through sustainable urban development, creating the conditions for shaping Britain’s continuing prosperity.

Peter Hogg

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Birmingham Transport Networks

From transforming Manchester’s Victoria Station to making London’s sewer system fit for the 22nd century with our work on the Thames Tideway Tunnel, we understand how to ensure our great cities cope with the modern-day challenges being thrown at them. 

Our work can range from improving housing and the public realm, through to developing infrastructure, transport and mobility. Whether we are redeveloping London Bridge station or leading the Manchester Airport Transformation Programme, we know that well-functioning, connected cities are vital for creating jobs and improving wider UK prosperity.  
Our people have a comprehensive understanding a city’s individual markets, the ways in which they operate and the opportunities available to make them better places to live and do business.

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Peter Hogg

UK Cities Director Ask me a question

Arcadis White paper

Sustainable Cities Mobility Index

Where do UK's cities rank for the sustainability of their urban mobility networks?

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