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Stakeholder Engagement

Our main stakeholders are our clients, people, shareholders, suppliers, partners and the communities in which we operate.

We seek to engage and to create dialogues with stakeholders on a regular basis to deepen our insight into their needs and expectations, and to develop sustainability solutions which serve them better. We do this both on a global level and on a local level. These stakeholder activities help us to gain more insight in their expectations, it will contribute to focus on the sustainability topics that really matter, it helps to manage risks and opportunities and it will help us to make the right decisions in our sustainability strategy which is anchored in our business strategy.

Our stakeholder engagement activities include: 


Our clients increasingly ask for sustainable solutions and we work closely together with our customers to address their needs. By definition our solutions are developed in close cooperation with our clients, a process during which their feedback is continuously integrated in the projects we perform on their behalf, also where it comes to aspects related to Sustainability.

For 80% of our revenues we measure client satisfaction levels, based on local criteria in the operating countries. We are in the process of setting global criteria and improving our tools to monitor global customer engagement and satisfaction as part of our performance excellence program, which will lead to further improvements in 2015.

Our people

In 2014 we continued to engage our people on community involvement with the Shelter program, our partnership with UN-Habitat, and many local initiatives.  We conducted a global internal employee engagement survey in 2014 for all our people.  There is strong support for our strategy and passion to improve the quality of life and be recognized as the best. 97% of our people said we are committed to health & safety; 86% that we are client focused and we scored 4 out of 5 on overall job satisfaction. Improvement areas varied by region but mainly concern people development; work/life balance and compensation/benefits. Moreover feedback from our employees is assembled through performance reviews which are held annually with the majority of our staff members and in 2014 with 67% of our people.


We continuously engage with our shareholders through various channels, including our annual shareholders’ meeting, one on ones with institutional investors, and shareholder visits to specific projects. Moreover we participate in investor conferences and meetings. In 2014, a meeting was also held with the Dutch representative body for retail shareholders, the VEB. In 2014 we participated for the first time in the RobecoSAM, Dow Jones Sustainability Index survey.


Arcadis has several partnerships and memberships.  These include UN Global Compact, UN-Habitat, IUCN Netherlands Leaders for Nature, Carbon Disclosure Project and World Business Council for Sustainable Development. We participate in meetings, taskforces and steering committees in order to demonstrate our sustainability commitments, to find common grounds to address sustainability challenges, to keep up to date with important new developments and to adapt our own sustainability strategy.  We are also engaged in dialogues with leading NGO’s, like IUCN and Amnesty International.

We have a partnership since 2010 with UN-Habitat, the United Nations agency for human settlements, aimed at a common goal: To improve the quality of life in rapidly growing cities.  With this partnership we address the urgent challenge of sustainable organization. We participate in the Steering committee of the World Urban Campaign. This partnership generates high levels of commitment of both our staff members and external stakeholders.

Arcadis’ Design Consultancy, CallisonRTKL is a signatory to The China Accord, an industry-led coalition which pledges to plan and design built environments to carbon neutral or high-performance standards in keeping with the ambition of the Chinese authorities to improve the urban environment.

Arcadis is member of CDP, a leading international, not-for-profit organization that works to transform the way the world does business to prevent climate change and protect our natural resources. CDP provides a global system for companies to measure, disclose, manage and share vital environmental information.  Arcadis discloses environmental risks and information to CDP in order to be transparent and to be better able to manage these risks strategically.

Our initiative to contribute to maintaining and improving biodiversity through our business in cooperation with Leaders for Nature, the business engagement network of the Netherlands Committee of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), which is unique in that the participating companies are engaged in practical sustainability commitments.

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