• Sustainability

Positive Impact

We have identified seven areas on which we wish to make a positive impact.

Delivering improvements to these areas through our work with clients, our own business operations and through the engagement of our people in this agenda will create social, environmental and financial value

Our priorities draw on the work of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, especially Action 2020.

Impact Areas


Ecosystems & Landscape Management

The rehabilitation, preservation and creation of ecosystems essential for social, environmental and economic value. As well as effective and sustainable landscape management.

Energy & Climate

The reduction of greenhouse gas concentrations strongly linked to climate change.

Delivering improvements to energy consumption and generation to create social, environmental and economic benefits, as well as preventing disasters.

Safe & Sustainable Materials

The minimization of exposure to harmful substances reducing the risk of social and environmental crises. Promoting the use of materials from sustainable sources and the protection of natural capital.

Social Impact

Active engagement as part of society including delivery to basic needs and the rights of workers and the development of human and social capital.

Sustainable Lifestyles

A clear unswerving focus on the health, safety and well being of all those our work touches and whom we can influence through our work.

The influence we can bring on sustainable consumption and behaviors.


Improving access to water, managing dirty water, matching quality with need, managing consumption and protection from flooding.

Commercial Well-being

The creation of financially viable and sustainable activities that balance risk and reward for all stakeholders.

The adoption of transparent and open relationships and maintenance of high levels of integrity in all that we do.

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